Sqrxz 2 v1.10 for Windows!

One major complaint we had about Sqrxz 2 was: “We like the tunes made by Alexander Wiklund, but we are not able to go further to the next level!”. An important feature has been now added to Sqrxz 2… our all beloved Soundcheck-Option! Listen to all tunes, without playing throughout all levels!

The first updated platform is for Windows (32-Bit; should run on 64-Bit too) and here is the change log:

* v1.10 (January/2016)
– improved file system (old. zda files in /data can be deleted!)
– added soundcheck option
– added ability to change screen effects on the fly (system depending)
– added ability to change screen size without restarting (system depending)

Thanks to Lars Persson (AnotherGuest) making this update possible!

Sqrxz 2 v1.00 for GameCube released!

Yet another Retroguru release! Fabio Olimperi was so kind and brought Sqrxz 2 to the wonderful GameCube. As you have already recognized by now, we seem to reverse-release all Sqrxz parts for GameCube, so next up in a few days… the very first part of Sqrxz! For now… enjoy Sqrxz 2!

Sqrxz 2 v1.00 for Dreamcast, Symbian OS Series 60 and Symbian OS UIQ 3

Happy new year 2014 from Retroguru with updated ports of Sqrxz 2 for Dreamcast (Thanks Indiket) and Symbian OS Series 60 & Symbian OS UIQ3 (Thanks AnotherGuest). Get your updates from the download page. The only remaining updates to come yet are for Caanoo, MotoMAGX and OpenPandora.

Sqrxz 2 v1.00 for Amiga OS4, AROS, MorphOS, NetBSD 5 x86, PSP, RaspberryPi, Linux, Windows, Wiz and GCW Zero

With lots of effort from Thor Sqrxz 2 now features all enhancements from Sqrxz 3 – basically various screenmodes (coded by Yannick) for devices larger than 320×240. With this there were few other improvements listed a few lines below.

Brandnew Sqrxz 2 ports are for Playstation Portable, NetBSD 5 (x86) and RaspberryPi. PSP by Thor, NetBSD 5 by phx and RaspberryPi by Jum (already approved in the PiStore and free for download!). Not to forget the initial port for the GCW Zero console by zear.

Updates are provided for Amiga OS4 and MorphOS (thanks phx), Linux & Windows & Wiz (thanks Thor). Few more systems are yet to be updated.


* v1.00 (November/2013)
– rewritten frameskip code
– normalized sfx
– fixed configuration saving
– added settings to define screensize (System/OS depending)
– new option to switch between combine up controls with jump or not (this option will come in handy for joystick players only)

changes for devices with a screen equal or larger than 640 x 480:
– scale options: bilinear, antialias and scanlines (Thanks Yannick!)

GCW Zero:
– $HOME support for Linux based platforms (Thanks zear!)

Go to the downloads page and enjoy your daily frustration dose! :)