Sqrxz 4 released!

We have just released Sqrxz 4 – Cold Cash! Available for Windows (32-Bit), Linux (32-Bit, 64-Bit), Wiz, PSP, MotoMagx, Dreamcast, GCW Zero, MacOS X (32-Bit, 64-Bit) / Intel and Raspberry Pi! Temporary download from here.

Thanks a ton to all involved Retroguru members! Especially Rodolphe Boixel (Thor), Simon Butler, Jan Jensen (Flarfy), Johan Letfors (Vedder) and Alexander Wiklund. Certainly not to forget our porting machines responsible for the initial ports: Frank Wille (phx), Lars Persoon (anotherguest), Artur Rojek (zear), Xavier Vallejo (Indiket), Sergei Kolesnikov (exl) and James Higgs (Jum).

Trailer and own Sqrxz 4 webpage as soon as we come back from Revision 2014. Let us know how far you can get and share your progress with us!

Hate mails, love mails, donations – everything welcome!

The gamedev competition at Revision 2014 had 10 game entries, few of them were fine, few of them were not. We update you as soon as results are out!

To Sqrxz, or not to Sqrxz!

RetroMadrid 2013 – Free Sqrxz and Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS floppies!

With pleasure we teamed up with Dreamcast.es and can offer free floppy disks with Sqrxz and Sqrxz 2 at RetroMadrid (limited supply, so be fast!). RetroMadrid is hold this weekend and will be the first chance for Spanish Amiga-Fans to get a physical version – the game is free, certainly we will not mind if you donate a bit so we can cover our production costs. The game is available at the Dreamcast.es-Booth.

This might sound odd, but Indiket, who is part of Dreamcast.es as well, ported all Sqrxz parts to Dreamcast, so this seemed the best solution having a real team member giving away Sqrxz.


Get the game at the Commodore 4 Ever booth now!

Update 2:

Sqrxz Amiga OCS presentation @ RetroMadrid 2013

Thanks to Jesus / Commodore4ever for the picture and the distribution @ RetroMadrid 2013

Sqrxz 1 Amiga OCS v1.2 is out!

We are happy to announce Sqrxz Amiga OCS v1.2 – please go ahead and find it in our download section!

As many people mentioned the wish to play with a gamepad, Frank Wille spend a lot of efforts to make this possible. Furthermore we now offer a CDTV/CD32 image of the game.

Look forward for the release of Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS v1.0 next week!

Sqrxz v1.1 for Amiga OCS

Good evening everyone,

Please kindly note that Sqrxz for Amiga OCS/ECS has been updated. We are now on Version 1.1 which comes with improved scrolling and improved music player. Along with this, there is a HD installable download too! A CDTV/CD32 version will follow soon as we need to update it, to be in sync with the latest release.

Thanks for the update Frank!

Sqrxz Amiga OCS released at Demodays 2012!

We’ve been at Demodays 2012 and released Sqrxz for Amiga OCS. Yes, for the good old original Amiga’s and on good old floppy disks. The game has been tested on Amiga 500 but also works without problems on AGA Amiga’s such the Amiga 1200.

Sqrxz - Mindblasting Frustration Deluxe! (Amiga OCS)

Frank Wille, our Amiga OCS guy, sent out 40 floppy disks with the game. Shahzad Sahaib, our project manager, brought 31 floppy disks to the event. 11 floppy disks were sent out for marketing reasons. So as of now there are 82 floppy disks circulating. We will upload an official image within the next two weeks.

We plan to release more floppy disks, depending on the feedback we get. If everything goes smart, we will announce here and on our Facebook page, on which events (demoparty or event with retro topic) you can pick up your personal copy. Donations are welcome, but not necessary.