Sqrxz Amiga OCS released at Demodays 2012!

We’ve been at Demodays 2012 and released Sqrxz for Amiga OCS. Yes, for the good old original Amiga’s and on good old floppy disks. The game has been tested on Amiga 500 but also works without problems on AGA Amiga’s such the Amiga 1200.

Sqrxz - Mindblasting Frustration Deluxe! (Amiga OCS)

Frank Wille, our Amiga OCS guy, sent out 40 floppy disks with the game. Shahzad Sahaib, our project manager, brought 31 floppy disks to the event. 11 floppy disks were sent out for marketing reasons. So as of now there are 82 floppy disks circulating. We will upload an official image within the next two weeks.

We plan to release more floppy disks, depending on the feedback we get. If everything goes smart, we will announce here and on our Facebook page, on which events (demoparty or event with retro topic) you can pick up your personal copy. Donations are welcome, but not necessary.

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