Sqrxz 3 v1.0 for Amiga OCS released!

Sometimes in a while Retroguru releases for really old systems, such as yesterday for the Amiga OCS. The rewrite of Sqrxz 3 for Amiga OCS was shown at “6. Retroböre in Rosenheim” (Germany) yesterday. Before one of the visitors gets the chance to release a dump, we better make it official now :)

Sqrxz 3 Amiga OCS Wrapping

Sqrxz 3 Amiga OCS Wrapping

With the hard work of Frank Wille, our expert if it comes to Amiga Assembler, we were able to get out another fresh Amiga game in 2015. The responsible wonderful people for the graphics were Simon Butler (Sprites and Tiles), Anne Claire Riffaud Declercq (Storyline and Title-Logo) and Virgile Metier (color reducing to match the Amiga OCS requirements). Not to forget the superb chiptunes by Alexander Wiklund who cheer you up during the whole game. Denny Müller played also a big role in doing the trailer (okay that one is already a bit older, as we had the game out for Windows PC’s in 2011 already) and designing the wrapper, booklet and floppy label for the physical release. Last but not least Shahzad Sahaib is responsible for the project and kept everyone tight together to make everything reality!

Sqrxz 3 - Adventure for Love (Trailer)

The trailer shows the PC version, which only differs by background. The Amiga OCS version has a nice copper ;)

We would be pleased if you give us a hand and spread the word about this fancy new Amiga OCS game :) Certainly it works on basically all OCS/ECS/AGA Amigas with 1MB RAM (or more).

Sqrxz v1.0b for TI Nspire CX and Windows (32-Bit) released!

Today comes an unintentional double release. Gameblabla was so kind and sent in a port of Sqrxz (Remake) for TI Nspire CX calculators. While updating we realized the previous old Windows release was still online, instead of the recent v1.0b. So today… initial release of Sqrxz (Remake) for TI Nspire CX, courtesy of Gameblabla plus and updated Windows version.

Sqrxz (Remake) v1.3 for Amiga OCS released!

Frank Wille updated the initial Sqrxz game for Amiga OCS to run in full smooth 50fps! v1.3 is now ready for free download! Enjoy and feel free to give us feedback! The CDTV and HD-Install versions will remain v1.2 as the technology used in v1.3 is not compatible and would require lots of adjustments.

Sqrxz 2 v1.00 for GameCube released!

Yet another Retroguru release! Fabio Olimperi was so kind and brought Sqrxz 2 to the wonderful GameCube. As you have already recognized by now, we seem to reverse-release all Sqrxz parts for GameCube, so next up in a few days… the very first part of Sqrxz! For now… enjoy Sqrxz 2!