Sqrxz 4 v1.01 for Amiga OCS!

Amiga Future #121In cooperation with Amiga Future you were already able to play Sqrxz 4 for Amiga OCS almost for a month. Now the game is also available for everyone else as a digital download, free of charge. Please keep in mind, the Sqrxz series is intended to be very difficult. If Sqrxz is not for you, we do have other games, which might be fitting the mainstream taste.

Frank Wille did a perfect job on this re-coded game. It pushes the classic Amiga truly to it’s limits. The game runs as a whole with 50 frames per second. The great tunes by Alexander Wilkund and Johan Letfors will get tears in your eyes… and the bloody level design by Shahzad Sahaib will keep you busy for hours. Not to forget the great artwork by Simon Butler and Jan Jensen. Helping hand as usual Denny Müller. Simon is up to paid work at the moment… so if you need a great and reliable artist, you know to whom to talk to!

We also plan a physical boxed edition, just as we did with Sqrxz 3. It will be on a pay what you want base, but minimum 8 EUR including shipping to Germany or Austria to cover our expenses. If you want to get us more than this, we also wont say no :) Please contact us, if we should put a copy for you on side.

Sqrxz 2 v1.10 for OpenPandora

Pickle’s initial port of Sqrxz 2 (v0.80) has been updated to the very recent version v1.10 by Notaz. Highlights for Pandora users:

* v1.10 (February/2016)
– added soundcheck option
– scale options: bilinear, antialias and scanlines (Thanks Yannick!)
– added ability to change screen effects on the fly
– added ability to change screen size without restarting
– improved file system (old .zda files in /data can be deleted!)
– rewritten frameskip code
– normalized sfx
– fixed configuration saving
– new option to switch between combine up controls with jump or not (this option will come in handy for joystick players only)