Sqrxz v0.9.9.5 for Windows is out!

We have updated the Windows version of Sqrxz. Other updates for other systems should follow in the next few days.


* Improved collision
* Improved controls
* Added “Dali” quote in startup
* Removed donation nag in end, donations are still welcome.
* Fixed highscore glitch

Head over to the download section for the update!

Sqrxz v0.9.9 is out! (Windows, Amiga OS4, MorphOS, NetBSD, Symbian OS)

Sqrxz requires fast reflexes and is a simply mindblasting Jump’n’Run puzzle game with high frustration factor.

Sqrxz (new set) Sqrxz (classic set)

Storyline: While Sqrxz wandered around on a sunny day, he was unaware that he had lost all his items while enjoying the scenery. It was already dark until he recognized the loss. There was no possibilty, but to go back where he started the trip and save his things. If the loss was not already enough, strange creatures appeared. Will they be helpful?

Sqrxz (2010) is a remake of a game with the same name and has been created by Rodolphe Boixel (Thor), Shahzad Sahaib (Kojote), Simon Butler and Brendan Ratliff (Syphus). Minor support came from Marcus Vesterlund himself who also gave permission to redo his game. Denny Müller (Mulle) supported the team with a WordPress-Theme for the official page and Rabia Sahaib (Mahek) made three more levels.

A remake should be usually bearing improvements, so does Sqrxz 2010. Beside the “classic” graphic mode, there is a new mode with “deluxe” graphics. The main gameplay has modified in a way that you need to collect all items to open the door at the end of each level, which makes some levels harder than they actually already were. Extended “fun” is guarantueed with additional three levels, unseen before. Each level does have it’s own chiptune and adds up to the retro feeling. A Top 10 highscore table will hold all your records. For the ones who like hidden features, there is even a small easter egg!

* Hardly any game will annoy you more! Frustration deluxe ahead!
* Amiga’ish feeling!
* 16 Levels including a “beginners” level
* 18 Chiptunes
* Classic AND new graphic mode
* Top 10 highscore
* Endless continue mode
* Hidden easter egg

The initial versions are for the following platforms: Windows, Amiga OS4, MorphOS, NetBSD (x86 & PPC) and Symbian OS (S60v3/S60v5 & UIQ3) – Thanks for these go to Thor, phx and Anotherguest.

We also had great artists working with us on this release, so please also hail Simon Butler for the new graphics and Syphus for the great chipmusic!

Sqrxz release in July!

There are a few minor things to be fixed, other than that the game should be perfect!

For now the game works on the following systems: Windows (32-Bit), Dreamcast, Symbian OS, Wiz, PSP, Pandora, MorphOS, NetBSD, Amiga OS4 and Wii.