Sqrxz 2 v0.80 for Motomagx is out!

“Sqrxz 2 – Two seconds until death” has been ported to Motomagx devices by russian developer Exl. You can find his announcement at http://motodev.do.am/news/sqrxz_2/2011-03-04-204. He also ported many many OTHER games, so his page is worth visiting. The .mgx package will run on the following phones: Motorola ZN5, VE66, EM30, E8, EM35, VA76r and possibly others!

Thanks to Exl for his porting efforts and enjoy playing! :) The download is of course also available in the official download section!

Sqrxz v0.9.9.6 is out! (Windows 32-Bit, Ubuntu 32-Bit, Amiga OS4, MorphOS, NetBSD x86, NetBSD PPC, Symbian OS UIQ 3, Symbian OS S60v3, Pandora, Wiz, Caanoo, Dreamcast)

Another update of Sqrxz arrived – all ports are up to date now. We are also pleased to announce the initial release for GPH’s new Caanoo handheld.

Changes for Dreamcast, Windows 32-Bit, Ubuntu 32-Bit, Wiz:

* Multi-Language support: English, German, French and Spanish

Changes for Pandora, Symbian OS (UIQ3 & S60v3), Amiga OS4, MorphOS, NetBSD (x86 & PPC):

* Improved collision
* Improved controls
* Added “Dali” quote in startup
* Removed donation nag in end, donations are still welcome.
* Fixed highscore glitch
* Multi-Language support: English, German, French and Spanish

Also a notable mention deserves “TuxTheWise” for providing a Dreamcast-ISO of Sqrxz, so you can easily play the game using DreamShell. Of course we should also not forget all our porting machines Pickle, phx, AnotherGuest and Indiket! Thanks for making all those beautiful platforms possible!

For all Sqrxz gamers: We still have one bug in the game, but it occurs occasionally. Sometimes Sqrxz “transports” randomly to another location. This happens really very seldom and we are not able to reproduce this. The Sqrxz-Team would be happy, if you figure out what causes this. This way we can iron out the last problem :)

Thanks a lot to all involved and enjoy playing!

Downloads are here: https://www.sqrxz.de/?page_id=26