Sqrxz 2 -Premiere Release at TUM 2010-

Sqrxz 2 premiered at TUM 2010 in Karlsruhe/Germany. Actually TUM 2010 is a demoparty, but they had a game development competition. The game ranked 4th out of 8 entries. Check the about page on the left to find out more about the game.

TUM 2010 Banner

The first public version requires a good old Sega Dreamcast!

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  1. Hello SQRXZ 2 team,

    thanks for this nice production, we’ve done a news article and uploaded a mirror here: http://WWW.DREAMCAST-SCENE.COM/NEWS/SQRXZ-2-RELEASED-NEW-FREEWARE-JUMPNRUN-FOR-DREAMCAST/

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