Sqrxz 4 v1.00 for GameCube released!

Retroguru adds up the Nintendo GameCube to the list of supported systems. If you own a GameCube, you may now enjoy Sqrxz 4 on it. Thanks a lot to Fabio who even had personal expenses to buy hardware and make the GameCube dream reality!

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  1. Nice to see that devs still program/port to gamecube. Extremely difficult game, but a good contribution, thanks.

  2. As soon as Fabio has more time on his hands, we try to get all other Retroguru games to GameCube as well :) Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hi. I couldn’t track down your e-mail, so i’ll ask here. Is SQRXZ 1 going to be ported to the PSP sometime in the future?


  4. Hi Benson. Thanks for your interest. Sometime it might happen… currently busy with new projects so a PSP port of Sqrxz 1 might happen when we have less to do :)

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