Let’s get the game out?

But we are very unsure about the platforms, so tell us for which initial system we should release!

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  1. Windows please!

  2. Our development version is for Windows :) Let’s see if portable devices or Windows makes it first.

  3. Windows would be great!

  4. Any other suggestions beside Windows? ;)

  5. Why not go for Symbian first, release the hardest game to play for the hardest platform to possibly play it on besides an original TI-86 :P

  6. Hi, please release it for Windows and for Dreamcast. I think it´s cool that you´re so active. What about a printable cover for Giana´s Return and SQRXZ? A version for Dreamcast and PC would be cool!!!! Or perhaps a professional produced CD for Dreamcast and PC? I would buy them!

  7. @Christian: There will be a real CD for Giana’s Return once the game is in final state. Currently lots of code changes are going on. Sqrxz already works for Dreamcast, so it’s just a question of time till we release it. And there is no need to buy anything, we do this stuff for fun :)

  8. GP2x F200 pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

  9. @ciamao: GP2x, Wiz and Pandora versions will be released after the GP32spain compo.

  10. Hi Team, will the real cd contain all versions of Giana´s Return and will this cd run on Dreamcast?
    What about the covers for SQRXZ and Giana`s Return? Greetings, Christian

  11. @Christian: The CD will hold the latest version of the game. The CD should be directly bootable for Dreamcast users, at least this is the plan.

  12. @Sqrxz-Team:
    ouuh- don´t know if I can wait till September?! ;)

  13. @ciaomao: We fear you have to :)

  14. okay okay, I admit it´s worth to wait for a good piece of work and to know it get honored by a good ranking at the competition.

  15. Please on Nintendo DS !
    And i would like to have also level editor :)

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