Sqrxz 2 v0.80 for Amiga OS4 and MorphOS is out!

Thanks to Frank, we have ports for Amiga OS4 and MorphOS ready!

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  1. man, this is cool! whats with an aros port?

    amiga rulez

  2. Thank you for the conversion to Amiga OS4. We will test it.

  3. Sqrxz 2 - Team

    @Dominator: AROS port is already in Beta stage, minor adjustments need to be done before we can release it. Count with approx. 1-2 weeks.
    @Joker: Sure, go ahead :)

  4. May i ask where the source is available? I would like to give it a try to compile it for amiga 68k.

  5. Sqrxz 2 - Team

    @Wawa: The game is closed source, but handed out to “trusted” people. To gain trust you may point us at things you have done before.

  6. well, im not exactly a coder, ive only done some simple ports as yet.
    well. i dont think such qualifies as “trusted”. sorry for asking.

  7. Sqrxz 2 - Team

    @wawa: We appreciate your help offer


  9. Sqrxz 2 - Team

    @darkside267: Get us an Android coder… :)

  10. Tested amigaos4 version on pegasos2 : works fine and fast. Have all those necessary options like scalin/aliasing/window mode, etc.

    Music also cool, and playability hard enough and because of it even better !

    Thanks frank for good port, and to authors for fine game :)

  11. Sqrxz 2 - Team

    @kas1e: Thanks for the flowers :)

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