This Sqrxz series is a product of the team’s rare spare time. If you appreciate this, you can donate a little so everyone of us can buy a coffee :) If you donate, please also let us know if the donation is for Sqrxz, Sqrxz 2 or Sqrxz 3. Thanks in advance!

Donations might motivate us to maintain the game longer, or produce more high quality freeware games. Giving us a donation is NOT required, the game is “complete” as is. The only benefit to donation being a feeling of selfless pleasure in supporting our development team. The “public” version which is downloadable via this official homepage is not crippled or limited in any way.

Our other games:
Giana's Return Giana’s Return – A “The Great Giana Sisters” Sequel (click the icon to go to the page!)

Sqrxz Donators:

  • Rene Leitner (relei)
  • Andreas Steinchen (stoni)
  • Uwe Haas (derboo)
  • Jan Schmick (Ahab)
  • Oliver Dabelstein
  • Vasiliy Rybkin
  • Jan Christopher Hahne
  • Nikolaos Tomatsidis