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Sqrxz 2 PSP #2 PSP Homebrew Game Competition 2013

Sqrxz 2 PSP placed 2nd in the “PSP Homebrew Game Competition 2013” organized by FouadtjuhMaster, DashHacks and PSVitaGR. There was the one or other nice game, so if you still love PSP homebrew you may want to check all entries out!

Sqrxz 2 v1.00 for Dreamcast, Symbian OS Series 60 and Symbian OS UIQ 3

Happy new year 2014 from Retroguru with updated ports of Sqrxz 2 for Dreamcast (Thanks Indiket) and Symbian OS Series 60 & Symbian OS UIQ3 (Thanks AnotherGuest). Get your updates from the download page. The only remaining updates to come yet are for Caanoo, MotoMAGX and OpenPandora.

Sqrxz 2 v1.00 for Amiga OS4, AROS, MorphOS, NetBSD 5 x86, PSP, RaspberryPi, Linux, Windows, Wiz and GCW Zero

With lots of effort from Thor Sqrxz 2 now features all enhancements from Sqrxz 3 – basically various screenmodes (coded by Yannick) for devices larger than 320×240. With this there were few other improvements listed a few lines below.

Brandnew Sqrxz 2 ports are for Playstation Portable, NetBSD 5 (x86) and RaspberryPi. PSP by Thor, NetBSD 5 by phx and RaspberryPi by Jum (already approved in the PiStore and free for download!). Not to forget the initial port for the GCW Zero console by zear.

Updates are provided for Amiga OS4 and MorphOS (thanks phx), Linux & Windows & Wiz (thanks Thor). Few more systems are yet to be updated.


* v1.00 (November/2013)
- rewritten frameskip code
- normalized sfx
- fixed configuration saving
- added settings to define screensize (System/OS depending)
- new option to switch between combine up controls with jump or not (this option will come in handy for joystick players only)

changes for devices with a screen equal or larger than 640 x 480:
- scale options: bilinear, antialias and scanlines (Thanks Yannick!)

GCW Zero:
- $HOME support for Linux based platforms (Thanks zear!)

Go to the downloads page and enjoy your daily frustration dose! :)

RetroMadrid 2013 – Free Sqrxz and Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS floppies!

With pleasure we teamed up with and can offer free floppy disks with Sqrxz and Sqrxz 2 at RetroMadrid (limited supply, so be fast!). RetroMadrid is hold this weekend and will be the first chance for Spanish Amiga-Fans to get a physical version – the game is free, certainly we will not mind if you donate a bit so we can cover our production costs. The game is available at the

This might sound odd, but Indiket, who is part of as well, ported all Sqrxz parts to Dreamcast, so this seemed the best solution having a real team member giving away Sqrxz.


Get the game at the Commodore 4 Ever booth now!

Update 2:

Sqrxz Amiga OCS presentation @ RetroMadrid 2013

Thanks to Jesus / Commodore4ever for the picture and the distribution @ RetroMadrid 2013

Amiga Games Award 2012 – Results

Sqrxz 1 Amiga OCS won the first place, and Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS the second place in the Amiga68k category at the Amiga Games Award 2012. Thanks to everyone! We will make sure to recode Sqrxz 3 for Amiga OCS too sometime this year!

Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS Longplay

Hipoonios gave Sqrxz 2 on Amiga Classic a go and here is his Longplay-Video. The game plays like butter, doesn’t it? :)

Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS v1.0 is now out!

Yesterday Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS (click for download-section) by Retroguru had it’s premiere release at the fourth Viennese Retro-Market (4. Wiener Retro-Börse).

Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS is served in three different versions: Floppy Disk Image, HD-Install, CD Image (for CDTV and CD32)!

Retroguru-Intro Amiga OCS Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS - Title Screen
Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS - Ingame 1 Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS - Ingame 2

Amiga Team:
* Rodolphe Boixel (Main Code)
* Frank Wille (Assembler recoding)
* Simon Butler (Graphics)
* Alexander Wiklund (Music)
* Jane Mumford (Additional Graphics)
* Virgile Metier (Graphics adjustment to meet the Amiga limitations)
* Shahzad Sahaib (Project Management & Leveldesign)

We divided 50 floppy disks of Sqrxz 2 amongst the visitors and 17 floppy disks of Sqrxz 1, which makes a total of 67 floppy disks. Our Retroguru table with an Amiga 500 (provided by Mark!) allowed everyone to test the game live. Most people failed within the first three screens, but this was to be expected. Interestingly a very young girl managed to play past the half of the first level, which was hardly achieved by any other player.

Next possibility to catch a real floppy disk with the game is tUM 2012.

Feedback and donations are welcome anytime :) Please kindly understand that it’s not possible for us to send out the game on floppy disk via snail mail. It just eats too much money and time.

Sqrxz 2 for Amiga OCS – Release Event Information

Die Organisatoren der vierten Wiener Retrobörse am 8. Dezember 2012 präsentieren in Kooperation mit der Spieleschmiede Retroguru ein brandneues klassisches Amiga Spiel als Erstpremiere. “Sqrxz 2 – Two seconds until death” wird live auf einem Amiga 500 präsentiert und in begrenzter Stückzahl auch als kostenlose Diskettenversion an Besucher verteilt.

Release of Sqrxz 2 Amiga OCS @ 4. Retrobörse in Vienna – 8. December 2012! Game will be presented live on an Amiga 500 and free floppies will be given away to visitors. We only come with a limited supply of floppy disks!

Sqrxz 2 v0.80 for AROS is out!

Thanks to Yannick Erb we have Sqrxz 2 ported for AROS. Thanks to Nikolaos and Bobo for pre-testing the binaries!

Head over to the download section for the file!

Sqrxz, for those who missed it!

There is a first part of Sqrxz, you may have missed it? If so, check it out!

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